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September 19, 2013

Share your vision to fulfill your dream of making the world a better place through the power of your voice

Together we can launch a global movement toward a cocreative culture in which each person is free to do and be their best. We can foster an uprising of wellness and goodness to help shift the world from chaos to cocreation. Text and/or upload a video of your ideas on what is working and what your vision would be of the emerging world and your part in it. READ MORE

Crazy Pat’s Vision

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English: I believe that man is not obliged to have money to enjoy working and living well . Free labor and goods, calibrated on the quality of our relationship to the economy and our environment , individual freedom to trade, not to enrich themselves, but to live well together is my vision for the economy man and not man for the economy. First steps on fulfilling my vision : The gold standard is the master of the economy because it guarantee funds we need for our citizens and for us to make the earth for our children and the right… Read More

John Shearer’s Vision

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Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive and present with those around you and with what you are doing. Mindfulness is the best hope for the world to overcome mental suffering and is part of all therapies used in treating ‘mental illness’ today. My vision is to raise awareness of mindfulness and teach, especially our children, how to practice being mindful. First steps on fulfilling my vision: Establish Mindfulness Day with… Read More

Susan Kramer-Pope’s Vision

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That we get the LOVE that we ARE and get to express that Love fully in the world. First steps on fulfilling my vision: I do that in my coaching practice and as a Speaking Circle Facilitator where a safe container of respectful listening and positive regard allows each person to be seen and heard, expressing themselves in their time, in their unique way free from judgment and evaluation. File URL (if any):

Andrea Lynn Chisholm’s Vision

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I hope to continue to awaken, evolve, expand and realize my own feminine spirit, intuition, dreams, and strengths as a mother , life partner, lawyer, educator, writer and traveller; and to communicate my learning and gained wisdom to others… I feel increasingly called to follow this path in order to contribute to the spiritual awakening and evolution of all souls and the world in my lifetime remaining here. First steps on fulfilling my vision: Self directed ongoing study, seeking continued mentorship, and communicating via speaking or writing in some form, perhaps a blog or essays or memoir. My focus will… Read More

James Jacobs’s Vision

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Application of the “Spiral Field Coordinate System”; a structural/numerical tool of knowledge based on the structural geometric systemization of the spiral form that enables us to begin building and thinking in structural harmony with Nature.  I uncovered the means and techniques over the past 30+ years for the structural modeling of the dynamic spiraling structural order that underlies everything. First steps on fulfilling my vision: I’m planning to do a “crowd funding” (Kickstarter project) that teaches the fabrication of the spiral field architectural element and the use of twelve of the elements in the construction of shelters (modular structures).  (photos… Read More

Estelle Penain’s Vision

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Unity in our heart is the way I want to contribute to this world ! and to help people to become free ! And help people to find love inside of us…by spiritual art. First steps on fulfilling my vision: I am going to do some concerts to share my vision and my love with poetry, slams and songs…musics, words for freedom, love and unity. File URL (if any):

Kelvin Read – Kahlede’s Vision

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Thank you for this opportunity. My vision is somewhat shared by Cosmometry. It sees a universal fractal, holographic model that self embeds or is recursive as being the Theory Of Everything; the pattern of the quantum matrix. My vision captures its structure – how it all works. When all of mankind sees the same thing… the world will change inexorably. I know this sounds like pie in the sky, but like Marshall Lefferts I saw this pattern in the same way Moses did when he sat on top of a mountain – Heb 8:5, Ex 25:9. Because the pattern is… Read More

Ming Hua Li’s Vision

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To start a conscious evolution course for elementary and high school children in Copenhagen, Denmark where I am finishing my Ph.d at Copenhagen Business School and currently reside. Denmark is a country which places high value on environmental sustainability and education – where the possibility for developing an integrated curriculum combining spirituality, environmental sustainability, and science is possible. Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments. First steps on fulfilling my vision: I want to meet other individuals who are also working on innovative spiritual educational programming in Denmark and other European countries to identify opportunities for setting up… Read More

Mahayana I. Dugast’s Vision

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To help free people one by one (since 1994!) to move past limiting beliefs, once and for all. ‘Miracles are a Science not yet understood, but when we do, it becomes a technology!’ First steps on fulfilling my vision: Come and talk for free wherever am invited! File URL (if any):

Billie Delawie’s Vision

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Create a society whose structure begins with healthy families to replace current family structures that support war, violence, ignorance of our mutual humanity and responsibility for the planet and human evolution; replace with families of equal responsibility for loving relationships, free of violence, abuse and unequal power between women and men. From this base, we will build new societies that nourish and protect men, women & children–and the Great Mother, her Sacred Daughters & Sacred Sons. First steps on fulfilling my vision: Marketing PART-TIME MOTHER, FULL-TIME LIFE, my new, just released book which begins to create memes of new families…. Read More

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