The universal human is a name for the next stage of human evolution. It may eventually become our name for the new species that is now emerging from within so many of us. We have arrived here passing through many other stages well recognized by scientists: Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neandertal, Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens sapiens. There is no reason to suppose that evolution stopped when it achieved our big brain! The big bang is ongoing and ever evolving.

In fact, there is evidence that for the past few thousand years, there has been emerging out of Homo sapiens sapiens, a more universal human. This new type of human began to appear about 5000 years ago in Israel, India, Persia, Greece, China, the Middle East. We identify some of these humans as Isaiah, Buddha, Zoroaster, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed and others, advanced human beings who gave fuller expression to the Great Creating Process in themselves. In these people the Consciousness Force Itself broke through into human awareness. These advanced beings founded the religions and the ethical systems of the world, calling all of us to evolve to a higher state of freedom through creative unions of love.

The teachings of the originators were codified and became dogmas and doctrines to transmit truths that fostered obedience to outside authorities, rather than inspiring people to recognize the great Source revealing truth within.

Now, during our current planetary crises, these institutionalized systems are breaking down and changing. Many people are experiencing the call of Spirit to leave organized religion to grow in consciousness and recreate the world in new ways while others are choosing to remain, serving as prophets to evolve religion from within. The second axial period of the Spirit has begun. There is arising in our midst for the first time, a more universal humanity.

We are the crossover generation moving from one phase of evolution to the next! Although barely perceptible, as were the earliest humans in the pre-human world, a young Homo universalis is emerging everywhere, in every culture, faith, and background. The signs of our emergence as universal humans include an unconditional love for the whole of life; a powerful, irresistible passion to unite with Spirit within; and a deep heart-felt impulse to connect with others and co-create a world equal to our love and our capacities.

As we pass through our crises, as we successfully birth ourselves into a more universal humanity, we will emerge capable of co-evolving with nature and co-creating with Spirit. We will be able to co-create a new world.

During these transition times it is important to stabilize our consciousness as universal humans. We can do this by engaging in authentic relationship with others of similar intent in a collective field of resonance that can support our conscious evolution by staying awake together.