Self Evolution

Each of us is a unique part of the living planetary organism which is itself undergoing a shift from one phase of evolution to the next. As the crises on planet Earth deepen, each individual person is affected and evoked toward more life.

According to Carl Jung, we are undergoing the “continuing incarnation of the Self.” This Self is seen as the essential aspect of our being that is directly animated by Source, by Spirit. It is the localized, individualized aspect of the Process of Creation, the God-force, and the Impulse of Evolution. This Self has been in the past often projected onto gods and ascended beings.

Now, as the human species slowly matures, this Self is incarnating as our own essence, our own incarnation of spirit, our own individual expression of the divine. As this process continues, we integrate this higher or essential self within our body/minds until we become whole beings.

Self-evolution, then, is the process of becoming a co-creator with the impulse of creation itself. The maturation of our species finds its expression in each of us unfolding the divine within.

Eventually, as envisioned and expressed by Sri Aurobindo, we can expect to evolve from the mental phase of understanding to the supramental, which is a state of direct awareness from the consciousness force within us. When this happens, universal intelligence descends so fully into our body/minds that we become direct expressions of the Consciousness that is creating us. Self-Evolution is the evolution of Creative Consciousness.