The Evolutionary Spiral and Wheel of Co-creation graphic tells the story of our evolution from Universal Intelligence - the field of infinite possibilities; from the origin of the Universe through the formation of Energy, Matter, Earth, Life, Animal Life, Human Life and
now us going around our turn on the Spiral.

The Core of the Spiral represents Universal Intelligence,the Impulse of Evolution within us, that sense of Spiritarising in each of our hearts as our own impulse to create.

We feel resonance with the global communion of pioneering souls as we discover the new “Planetary DNA,” divining the design of evolution.

The Wheel of Cocreation describes our current turn on the Spiral. We identify Golden Innovations that work, joining with Global Cocreators and each other in every field and function that are symbolized by the various sectors of the Wheel.

The same mysterious process that co-ordinates atom with atom and cell with cell is co-ordinating us within the Wheel. The Wheel of Cocreation is not static - each of us is turning the Wheel by everything we do.

We celebrate the “planetary birthing experience” as we come together as one planetary
body embracing the next epoch of human evolution as a Universal Humanity.

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