Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary 2.0, Starts January 20th!

sacred journey courseThe world is moving so fast now it is vital for all of us who are alive to connect to the impulse of creativity, love, deeper connection, to Source, to come together as pioneering souls.

The newly developed Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary 2.0, starting January 20th, is exactly what will help you and all of us to emerge more fully -- to become co-creators, as our essential selves, our true nature, the divine within.

My two colleagues, Patricia Ellsberg and Carolyn Anderson and I with a team of beloved and trained facilitators headed by Bonnie Kelley will be working together to create the resonant field that lifts us all together.

There are four parts of the journey that you will be guided through in a field of love, resonance and attunement, as well as profound community:

  • The New Story
  • The New Person (Phase One: Emergence)
  • The New Person (Phase Two: Metamorphosis)
  • The New Society

The ultimate purpose of The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary 2.0 is to support you in becoming a master communicator who is going the “whole way” in this lifetime. This means fulfilling your soul’s purpose in creative expression and integrating all aspects of your being until you become a Whole Being and know how to support others to do the same.

You will emerge as someone who is truly guided by the impulse of evolution and is able to contribute to the worldwide movement for interconnectedness and universal love, helping to birth a world in which each of us is free to do and be our best.

As part of the Sacred Journey course, we'll be inviting you to join our very own Sacred Journey 2.0 community on Hylo, a new kind of social media tool where we can all begin to connect, collaborate, and build things together.

We all recognize that we are part of a Community of Pioneering Souls, full of extraordinary people and skills and resources. For us to truly fulfill the potential of what a community like this can be, we'll need to discover who else is in the community, what they are working on, and how we can support each other in both giving and receiving each other's deepest gifts.

With Hylo, we'll be able to discover the people, skills, and resources to help us take our own Intentions to the next step, and to discover ways to support each other in a co-creative community. Together, we can create whatever we can imagine.

Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network is already conceiving of a five-year process that leads to ever-greater positive contribution to the Shift on Earth. We will all be joining with him in this great purpose. I believe that this ability, on a larger scale, will be the decisive activity that can shift the planetary system in time.

As an 85 year old getting newer every day I dedicate the next five years of my life to this great cause. By the time I’m 90 I will be surely seeing the results of the truth that has guided my life so far: that Our Crisis Is a Birth!

Please join us and add your genius and love to the Source Code of the future human now being born through each of us.

To register for this new course beginning January 20th - Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary 2.0 Birthing a New You within a Community of Pioneering Souls please click here:


With love and deep gratitude -


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