The Evolutionary Man

Balancing masculine and feminine.

As we consciously accept our creating agency, we begin to emerge into the “truly human,” the place of wholeness within each of us where we are both radically free and infinitely responsible to the Great Creating Process. And crucial to this process is the union of polar, complimentary energies — the masculine and the feminine — on which life is built.

The truly human person has accomplished this union within the mystery of the bridal chamber. This phrase which was present in First Century writings signifies the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine, or the bridegroom and the bride. Both men and women are called to this task.

The union of the centrifugal male impulse with the centripetal female impulse creates the dynamic for life to emerge and flow. The energy of the feminine is to hold, to contain, to come to the center, where the masculine is to move out, to create form. When the feminine centripetal energy is able to balance the powerful male energy initiating from the center, there is a dynamic stability. In this apparent paradox rests both the stillness and the movement that comprise life itself.

We move from the task of balancing these energies in each person to imagine the possibility of balancing the creative energies of humankind as a collective. When the masculine and feminine aspects of the greater social body are both acknowledged and balanced, the larger systems we create together will also be full and balanced. Indeed, this is the essential inner work of humanity today, if we wish to co-create new systems that will heal the divisions among us and resolve the immense problems facing us across the globe.

This kind of co-creation, emanating from the balance of masculine and feminine, goes well beyond procreation. Indeed, I call this potential, suprasex, to emphasize that when we join together in wholeness to cocreate, our passions are aligned with the inexhaustible life force itself. From this place of communion, the power of the universe becomes available for our intentions and projects, and we know that transformation is not only possible, but happening all around us. This is our moment of choice.

At the social level, it seems clear that the step before us right now is the awakening feminine. Too many actions are reactive, without reference to the Spaciousness of Being, the great field that holds us as One.

At the personal level the awakening woman is making her life’s energy available for co-creation. Even as she is allowing her masculine to arise, she is learning to value the unique contribution of the feminine way, the natural holding for the collective that is her biological heritage.

In this moment the evolutionary man is being asked to attend to and support the awakening woman. This is the arising of the feminine in the man, out of which may be energized a new integral masculine creativity founded on a deep awareness of the whole.

This process could be called an unfolding toward a dynamic and fruitful androgyny. Just as it takes two, a male and female, to generate new organic forms, so does it take two, the whole man and whole woman, to conceive and give birth as whole-makers to the new humanity, both self and social.

The emergence of the awakened person, the evolutionary unfolding of humanity, is being catalyzed by the call of both men and women toward coequal, cocreative union.