Akashic Field: The hypothesis and experience that the universe is self-remembering, that every act is recorded and is able to be accessed by the higher mind; an aspect of a non-local universe that is spontaneously and simultaneously interconnected throughout itself; “that which informs the universe". At the roots of reality there is an interconnecting, information-conserving, and information-conveying cosmic field, called in the East the Akashic Field; the A-Field informs all living things. "The Akashic Record is the enduring record of all that happens, and has ever happened, in space and time.” Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field.

Christ Capacities: New physical capacities developed through radical evolutionary technologies to actually do the work Jesus is said to have done, and even greater work, including virgin births, healing, producing in abundance, raising from the “dead,” leaving the earth alive, holographic images, teleportation and continuity of consciousness.

Christ Self: An earlier way of describing the Universal Self. Now seen as the field in which the Universal Self can be experienced, the field established by the resurrection and ascension of Christ, opening the evolutionary window for those who were and are to come. .

Cocreative Society: A society in which each person is free to do and be his or her best. It facilitates each person giving his or her gift within the whole, where it fits best. The new social function of the Peace Room is operative, scanning for, mapping, connecting and communicating what is working. Syncon process is the new Town Meeting format, developing Synergistic Rules of Order. Synergistic Democracy emerges.

Cocreator: One who is experiencing the creative intention of universe incarnating as their own intention, expressing that intention as an essential self in creative work, joining with others doing the same; one who cocreate with spirit, with others, and with nature.

Conscious Evolution: The evolution of evolution from unconscious to conscious choice as humans gain powers with the potential for co-destruction and co-creation. The natural capacity of a universal species is to co-evolve with nature and co-create with Spirit. The pattern is synergistic cooperation.

Consciousness Force: The dynamic aspect of pure awareness that animates all existence tending always to ever greater consciousness that is breaking through into human consciousness as the Supramental descends into the mental mind. (From Aurobindo).

Ecology of Souls: The diversity of different soul frequencies attuning to different levels of reality, all needed within the Garden of Cocreation, all resonating with the higher power, the Source of creation,in diverse ways; people awakening to Spirit within as an personal experience, each offering into the ecology a unique and vital frequency within the whole toward the next stage of wholeness.

Egoic Mutant: Collective egoic groups armed with the power of evolutionary technologies such as nuclear, nanotechnology, biotechnology, space capacities while remaining in the dominator mode of self-centered humans. Alan Lithman

Epoch A: The fist half of the sigmoid curve wherein population and pollution is beginning to escalate exponentially leading to a singularity, a collapse of the existing system.

Epoch B: The second half of the sigmoid curve as we reach sustainability and a generative, synergistic planetary ecological management system for the next stage of evolution.

Essential Self: The soul frequency of each individual that has continuity of consciousness through multiple life experiences, and that is now, during Late Transition on Planet Earth ready to come in the whole way in this world as personal essence. This soul is incarnating as the Higher Self, the Christ Self.

Evolutionary Codes: Dormant potentials inherent in universal humans that can be activated through resonance, conscious thought and intention.

Evolutionary Woman: A feminine cocreator, one who is consciously self-evolving, and is willing to realize her full potential for the good of the Self and the whole human and non-human community.

Godhead: The Source of all being, synonymous with the Unified Field, the Mind of the Cosmos, Supreme Reality.

Great Creating Process: The evolving aspect of God, Universal Creativity, panentheism, God operating in nature, now becoming conscious of itself in the human desire to be cocreators with it. Synonymous with Consciousness Force, Core of the Evolutionary Spiral, Higher Power.

Guide: That aspect of the Essential Self that offers guidance specific to each individual, through inner voice, intuition, spiritual downloads of all kinds. The guide is also now incarnating as the actual personal essence, the inner authority of the evolving human.

Homo Universalis: A synonym for Universal Humanity. The next evolution of humanity in the sequence from Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo neanderthal, Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens sapiens.

Human Body: 125 billion miles of DNA, 50 trillion cells each an individual, cooperating, and communicating with the speed of light throughout your whole system, carrying the memory of the whole story of creation from the origin of the universe to you in this moment, sensitive to your thought and intention, ready to evolve with your consciousness and with the understanding of science and technology.

Implicate Order: The unbroken wholeness of being, the enfolded pattern or information that unfolds in manifestation.

Inner Monastery for Conscious Evolution: An inner sacred space and place dedicated to our full incarnation as universal humans coming forth out of the new story of cosmogenesis and our connection to Source; a sacred space in which the communion of pioneering souls meets and communes.

Local Self: The egoic personality self that is responsible for physical survival in the material world and that has suffered from the illusion of separation from the source of its being, progressively individuating and separating from nature, spirit, and one another since the dawn of self reflective consciousness some 40,000 years ago. Ready now to become transparent to essence and the servant of the essential self.

Macroshift: The time when our global system is far from equilibrium and the whole system will either go toward rapid devolution and disintegration or toward synergy and transformation to a more complex and harmonious order; during which time small fluctuations can affect the whole system.

New News: The continuing story of what is working so that people can participate according to their desire to create.

Noosphere: From the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere has come the noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth. It began with human language and the ability to communicate exo-genetically. It is composed of the composite consciousness, cultures, technologies and systems of humanity seen as a living organism of almost infinite power to unify and to cocreate. Comes from Teilhard de Chardin, Vernadsky and others.

Peace Room: A new social function to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in the world, such that people everywhere can find their partners, teammates and learn from successful innovators throughout the world. A vital process for the Cocreative Society.

Personal Essence: That aspect of the Essential Self that incarnates as our personal expression of the divine in this lifetime.

Pioneering Soul: A human who is sensitive to what is emergent, an evolutionary soul, who is motivated to transcend the limits of current human experience. A self-transcending human, related to all the life forms from the earliest single cell who have innovated and transformed when confronted with crisis and limitations; those who seek to resonate with one another in the Communion of Pioneering Souls such that their inner attunement to what is arising within them is stabilized.

Planetary Awakening: A synonym for the Planetary Pentecost, beyond and not without the Christian interpretation.

Planetary Pentecost: The alternative to Armageddon. A time on Earth when a critical mass of humans will hear from within the voice of Spirit in their own language, leading to mass resonance instead of the rapture, and a mass empowerment of individuals with the capacities that were demonstrated by the early disciples after the first Pentecost The signal that the new world has begun and the old era is over.

Point of Inflection: The gap between Epoch A and Epoch B. a quantum jump. A method of crossing the Gap: social synergy – the non-linear, exponential interaction of innovating elements connected such that the system cooperates in its own self transcendence, according to the Prigogine Theory of Dissipative structures. It is here that the Wheel of Cocreation, the Peace Room and the Syncon serve to facilitate the non-linear connectivity.

Post-Transition: The next turn on the spiral; what it will be like when everything we know we can do works. Has been intuited in mystical revelation such as the New Jerusalem, paradise, a new heavens and a new earth; now revealed from the evolutionary perspective, not as life after death, but as life after this stage of life. The beginning of our existence as Homo universalis, born into a universe of billions and billions of galaxies, learning to cocreate on a universal scale.

Pre-Transition: The period from the origin of Homo sapiens sapiens to 1945 when we dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan, gaining powers to destroy and cocreate that we used to attribute tour gods.

Psyche Materialis: The first genus of a new Supramental evolutionary order and progression of consciousness, the modifier materialis establishes that this next being and principle of being is not simply a transformation from eh neck up –but an integrally-transformed consciousness manifest in a material body, representing the true liberation and fulfillment of a divine life in a divine body capable of expressing in both beauty of form and function eh Presence which inhabits it…challenging even the morganatic sanctity of cellular degeneration and death; the butterfly species waiting in the wings, a whole new post-egoic order and evolutionary cycle. (Alan Lithman, An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium.)

Regenerative Man: A man who has been raised in the patriarchy and who makes the inner decision to release himself from the need to be the dominator, to access his own essential self, surrender to that unique creativity within and seek co-equal cocreative partnership with others. The counterpart of the regenopausal woman.

Regenopause: A new stage of life; the shift in the life cycle of the woman after menopause when she is free to give birth to her own authentic self, leading toward the self-regenerating, self-evolving “evolutionary woman,” a new phase of species evolution. Vital now for guidance as we enter late transition on planet Earth.

Resonant Field: The non-physical field stabilized by the echoing back of the essential self between two or more. A palpable presence, a morphic, formative field established by continuous echoing back the higher frequencies, forming an harmonic, a standing wave, that can be accessed always.

Self-development/Self evolution: Self-development works toward a more developed Homo sapiens sapiens. Self-evolution is tending toward the new species, it is open -ended. We have not yet seen the full model. It is what we will be like when the Noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth matures, we connect heart to heart, center to center and we see how to use our vast new powers for the evolution of our species.

Seven S’s: The way of cocreating as universal humans:

  1. Syntony: Attunement with the patterns of creation experienced as one’s own inner motivation and intuition.
  2. Synergy: the coming together of separate parts to form a new whole different from, greater than and unpredictable from the sum of its parts.
  3. Synchronicity: the apparent a-causal relationship among events, coincidences that could not be planned by human mind but that appear to flow from a larger and more comprehensive design.
  4. Suprasex: the passion to express unique creativity, comparable to sexuality at the next level; joining genius to cocreation, stimulated by vocational arousal
  5. Syntropy: nature’s tendency to form whole systems of greater complexity, consciousness and freedom, evolution’s tendency to optimize.
  6. Spontaneity: the experience of unpremeditated action and thought that flows naturally and facilitates and coordinates life.
  7. Self-organizing: the tendency in nature to organize itself, autopoesis, the inherent capacity in nature to organize without apparent outside manipulation, springing from the field of universal intelligence out of which everything is arising.

Social Synergy: Processes that bring separate groups, projects, people together so that all are able to better fulfill their purpose through joining and cooperation rather than through opposition and domination. Forming a social whole system that is greater than the sum of its parts. A method of enlightened self interest that helps our species shift from its rapacious territorial phase to its unifying cooperative stage. The Syncon Process is an example of social synergy. Social synergy is the energy of love.

Evolutionary Consciousness: the 3-fold awareness: -- backward, inward and forward. 1) looking back in time to experience the mystery of the whole story of creation from the origin of the universe, as one’s own story; 2) focusing inward to the source of our being, to pure awareness, Silence, God; 3) reaching forward toward participating in the cocreation of the next stage of our evolution.

SYNCON: SYNergistic CONvergence. A vital tool for synergistic democracy, a conferencing process in which people from every field, function and background meet in wheel-shaped environments divided into sectors, to seek common goals and match needs and resources in the light of the growing new potentials of the whole system. The method for social synergy develops Synergistic Rules of Order. Everyone is asked what he or she wants to create, and what he or she needs to accomplish it, fostering a Cocreative Society.

Synergistic Democracy: Synocracy, an evolution of democracy that facilitates each person expressing his or her unique creativity within the whole system freely. A Self-Actualizing Society in which each person has chosen vocation that is self-rewarding.

Transition: From 1945 through the present and beyond. The period when we must learn rapidly to coordinate ourselves as a planetary ecology, stop over-populating, polluting, fighting with weapons of mass destruction, getting food and nourishment to all members of the body, developing global security and self governance. The period of the Crisis of Our Birth as Universal Humanity. The time of the macroshift, when the system has become far from equilibrium and could bifurcate, either toward rapid devolution and destruction or evolution and transformation.

Universal Human: An evolving human who feels connected through the heart to the whole of life, who is awakening from within to the impulse of evolution to express unique creativity as an aspect of the greater design, one who is expanding consciousness to include an awareness of the cosmos as a living, interconnected reality.

Universal Humanity: The civilization to be cocreated by universal humans that manifests the harmonious integration of our spiritual, social and scientific/technological capacities; an emerging species, born out of current humanity capable of co-evolving with nature and cocreating with Spirit

Universal Self: The light body, ascended Self that carries the code of the next stage of evolution of the individual, capable of materialization and dematerialization, continuity of consciousness, able to resonate throughout nonlocal universe…a post-transition, post Homo sapiens sapiens, fully embodied Homo universalis. Experienced formerly in the antacarana above the head, now, during Late transition appearing to evolving humans who are prepared by having shifted their ego to essence, ready to descend and merge vibrations with the essential self, and lift the ascending earthly human to its full incarnation as a universal human.

Wheel of Cocreation: Our turn on the spiral of evolution, seen as a matrix, designed as in the Peace Room, to attract into itself the memes, people and projects now transforming the world, self-organizing according the function and geography, such that the new world now being cocreated emerges and becomes self aware, connected and synergistic. A vital function to jump the Gap between Epoch A and Epoch B

Whole Being: The universal human whose consciousness is stabilized and who has fully integrated body, local self, personal essence, essential self, universal self within the field of the living Christ or whatever great avatar most attracts. Syn. With Full Potential Self.



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