In the 1960’s the emergence of the universal human accelerated. We witnessed the human potential and transpersonal psychology movements, the use of consciousness-expanding substances, the peace and civil rights movements, the vision of Earth from space, the environmental movement, and the awakening of women to their own identity. These were deep stretches of the human psyche to see ourselves differently.

Around the year 2000, the “macroshift” in the larger global body became more visible as we witnessed deepening social, environmental, economic, and political crises, and for many of us, our spiritual and personal evolution also accelerated. We began to actually feel the global waves of shock and compassion when terrorism struck New York on September 11, 2001, again when tsunamis struck southeast Asia and Japan, when Hurricane Katrina entered our lives devastating the southern states of the United States and the frequent increase of the numbers of devastating natural disasters occurring around the world.  Our awareness is beginning to extend far beyond our physical bodies to the larger global organism of which we are a part.

We can identify the stages of our emergence as universal humans by comparison with our own life cycle. Through human history we can find our conception, gestation, birth, infancy, childhood, youth, although probably we have not yet seen the adult universal human. In this never-before-told story of the on-going evolution of humanity, we are the protagonists, writing the story, even as we pioneer the stages of our own emergence as universal humans.

[For more about the specific stages of the Developmental Path of the Universal Human, see Barbara’s book Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence. In it she outlines her personal journey and practices during this transitional time on earth. Inspired by inner guidance or her Higher Self, she lays out a path of how to shift from identifying ourselves with the egoic personality to recognizing ourselves as an Essential Self, a direct expression of Source.]