Vassia’s Vision

I believe in the truth of the Law of Attraction. I also believe that  -deep inside- all religions talk about this GREAT POWER that us humans have, to materialize our thoughts and feelings in the real world. I want to create a book or a film that will collect spiritual leaders and analyzers from most known religions – and prove this information. I want to help with this idea people to OPEN their eyes and overcome once and for all the PAIN that exists when we do not understand that we are completely connected to our surrounding (humans, animals, plants and things)and mostly when we do not feel a non-stop connection with our source - the Devine.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I have written a short book called "Divine wants you to live in prosperity" where I analyze the bible through this point of view. I have also created a blog the where I share interesting self help tools that I find through the internet. I bellieve that through my blog I will get visibility and connections that will bring me to the "mastermind group" I am looking for. I need more spyritual leaders, as I am a christian Orthodox and I have ideas mostly about the bible. I am not an expert to the other religions - that I too respect a lot.

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