Carla Golden’s Vision

If sourcing food differently by early humans five thousand years ago kickstarted the patriarchal system that is now outdating, changing our food now can jumpstart a new cultural system in which divine humans live more in harmony with Mother Earth and all her creatures. Make no mistake, 7 billion mouths eating from and consuming the planet daily tells the collective consciousness what kind of world we wish to live in….sick, polluted, and degraded or abundant, clean, and full of life.

Bringing more conscious awareness to everyday choices, even the most mundane ones, can shift the direction of human evolution away from a path of extinction. It is erroneous to think that we can shift consciousness, stop destroying the planet, preserve humankind, and further positive evolution without changing the way we eat.

We often talk about bringing more consciousness into our work, communication, worship, buying habits, relationships, transportation, and politics yet we fail to see how food weaves through everything we do, everything we encounter, and how it impacts everything we care about in life. Food is so ever-present, it’s nearly invisible.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Live, teach, and advocate for a plant-based diet, specifically a high-fruit diet.

I met Barbara at her talk in Charleston, SC with The Sophia Institute in March 2014. I love her material, work, and her books, however I find the omission of diet glaring. Any conversation about creating a better future for human life to continue on Earth is incomplete without discussing how we eat. Expecting the world to change without changing the way we eat is a recipe for ignorant self-destruction.

Save the humans. Study your food. Eat to evolve.

I wrote this to explain myself to Barbara and The Welcoming Committee:

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