Helen Martin’s Vision

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

I am a teacher and counselor (Essence!), so I would love to form groups (pods?) in the area of Central Illinois where I live that will also embrace the human evolutionary story.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
My church (U. U.) has lay presenters during the summer, so I am volunteering to speak of the evolution of the human during an August service.
Also, though I now live outside of Peoria in a retirement village, I am presently looking to move to a condo in the city in order to be more available when needed.  Scary!!!  Age 81!!!

Lórien Eck’s Vision

Monday, June 16th, 2014

My vision is to create and share inspired imagery through paintings that will raise the vibration of the environment as well as invoke a sense of remembrance in people.  My highly charged paintings are infused with spiritual insights that uplift, heal, inspire and create a profound feeling of peace and connection to beauty in the viewer.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Continue to dedicate my time, resources, body, mind and energy to create and share my artwork with my world in a big way.

File URL (if any): http://www.LorienEck.com

Vassia’s Vision

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

I believe in the truth of the Law of Attraction. I also believe that  -deep inside- all religions talk about this GREAT POWER that us humans have, to materialize our thoughts and feelings in the real world. I want to create a book or a film that will collect spiritual leaders and analyzers from most known religions – and prove this information. I want to help with this idea people to OPEN their eyes and overcome once and for all the PAIN that exists when we do not understand that we are completely connected to our surrounding (humans, animals, plants and things)and mostly when we do not feel a non-stop connection with our source - the Devine.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I have written a short book called "Divine wants you to live in prosperity" where I analyze the bible through this point of view. I have also created a blog the http://www.evolutionfellowship.eu where I share interesting self help tools that I find through the internet. I bellieve that through my blog I will get visibility and connections that will bring me to the "mastermind group" I am looking for. I need more spyritual leaders, as I am a christian Orthodox and I have ideas mostly about the bible. I am not an expert to the other religions - that I too respect a lot.

File URL (if any): http://www.evolutionfellowship.eu/?p=481

Joelle Guillet’s Vision

Friday, May 9th, 2014

A pacific world without money. Every body are breatharian or eat fruits. We speak only one simple langage : esperanto and we can communicate with telepathie. We know how communicate with our soul and other entity.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
We gather : each person awake join a group like this group. All the group for a better world (like also Ambassy of peace of Jasmuheen) gather.

Each person of these group place there money in an international alternative bank and learn esperanto.

This paralele organisation is stronger und stronger than ONU. There is more and more vegetarian and vegan person.

Steven Jack Swisley’s Vision

Friday, May 9th, 2014

'Custom Consciousness' :

"Every One is Star-Seed of Consciousness, a Fractal of Infinite Potential" - SJS

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Stand. Jump. Fly...

Maggie’s Vision

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

A world where each and every being is engaged in their greatest joyful expression. I see then that there can only be more joy and wonder and creativity into ever new wondrous forms. No place anywhere for any lesser vibrations exist. There is no "need"  as each moment is totally fulfilling in every life sustaining way. There is so much colour, vibrancy, gaiety, intelligence and inter galactic interaction of the same quality.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Be all that I came here to be and never give up seeking the knowledge of what is working beautifully on this planet so that my own evolution is moved in synchronicity with the unified oneness we are - like music really, and my unique sound blends and enhances as do each and all other unique expressions from the individuated selves who make up this whole.

Thank you I am so truly deeply moved with enthusiasm by all you do and say and are!!!!

Susan Kramer-Pope’s Vision

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

That we get the LOVE that we ARE and get to express that Love fully in the world.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I do that in my coaching practice and as a Speaking Circle Facilitator where a safe container of respectful listening and positive regard allows each person to be seen and heard, expressing themselves in their time, in their unique way free from judgment and evaluation.

File URL (if any): http://www.listeningarts.net/training-2/

Andrea Lynn Chisholm’s Vision

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

I hope to continue to awaken, evolve, expand and realize my own feminine spirit, intuition, dreams, and strengths as a mother , life partner, lawyer, educator, writer and traveller; and to communicate my learning and gained wisdom to others...

I feel increasingly called to follow this path in order to contribute to the spiritual awakening and evolution of all souls and the world in my lifetime remaining here.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Self directed ongoing study, seeking continued mentorship, and communicating via speaking or writing in some form, perhaps a blog or essays or memoir. My focus will be on advocating spiritual education and development and the need to value and cultivate/ activate feminine energy and ways of being in the world.

James Jacobs’s Vision

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Application of the "Spiral Field Coordinate System"; a structural/numerical tool of knowledge based on the structural geometric systemization of the spiral form that enables us to begin building and thinking in structural harmony with Nature.  I uncovered the means and techniques over the past 30+ years for the structural modeling of the dynamic spiraling structural order that underlies everything.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I'm planning to do a "crowd funding" (Kickstarter project) that teaches the fabrication of the spiral field architectural element and the use of twelve of the elements in the construction of shelters (modular structures).  (photos available of various architectural compositions).

Mahayana I. Dugast’s Vision

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

To help free people one by one (since 1994!) to move past limiting beliefs, once and for all. 'Miracles are a Science not yet understood, but when we do, it becomes a technology!'

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Come and talk for free wherever am invited!

File URL (if any): https://www.youtube.com/user/MahayanaIDugast