Tia Kelly’s Vision

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

my vision is to tackle all the things I care about by starting with the source of life. Women! if you can help a young girl to realize her self worth touch base with her innate values, spark her passion and vision for her future and give her the confidence and community to take that out into the world then. you've created an aware individual who can't help but keep growing and learning and sharing! and when she does bring another human into the world she do a much better job raising her children in the light.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I'm taking these steps every day by dedicating all of my time to my nonprofit Global sorority. we travel around the globe delivering from the inside out leadership education to groups of young women and then we support them to create a community project as a team. it's transformative and is in direct alignment for my vision of a better world starting with girls.

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Maggie’s Vision

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

A world where each and every being is engaged in their greatest joyful expression. I see then that there can only be more joy and wonder and creativity into ever new wondrous forms. No place anywhere for any lesser vibrations exist. There is no "need"  as each moment is totally fulfilling in every life sustaining way. There is so much colour, vibrancy, gaiety, intelligence and inter galactic interaction of the same quality.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Be all that I came here to be and never give up seeking the knowledge of what is working beautifully on this planet so that my own evolution is moved in synchronicity with the unified oneness we are - like music really, and my unique sound blends and enhances as do each and all other unique expressions from the individuated selves who make up this whole.

Thank you I am so truly deeply moved with enthusiasm by all you do and say and are!!!!

Andrea Lynn Chisholm’s Vision

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

I hope to continue to awaken, evolve, expand and realize my own feminine spirit, intuition, dreams, and strengths as a mother , life partner, lawyer, educator, writer and traveller; and to communicate my learning and gained wisdom to others...

I feel increasingly called to follow this path in order to contribute to the spiritual awakening and evolution of all souls and the world in my lifetime remaining here.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Self directed ongoing study, seeking continued mentorship, and communicating via speaking or writing in some form, perhaps a blog or essays or memoir. My focus will be on advocating spiritual education and development and the need to value and cultivate/ activate feminine energy and ways of being in the world.

Kathleen Pickering’s Vision

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

To awaken a soul driven consciousness in others by sharing a spiritual encounter I had with a Being of Light and Love who took me on a soul journey so that I could experience our Creator's intention of our True Existence without the shackles of Fear, Doubt, Pain, Anxiety or Hate.

We, as a species, were created from an explosion of unbridled Love by a Being who does not know sorrow or pain. We were never meant to experience unhappiness, pain, negativity. Somewhere along our evolutionary path, we chose negativity as part of our experience.

I experienced this Encounter over 30 years ago, but didn't have the courage to speak about it until recently. I believe with all my heart that by teaching others how to operate from their souls, we can learn to stay connected with our Creator, Each Other and our surroundings with grace and ease. Negative experiences will cease to exist as "bad things happening to us"--instead they will serve to elevate us to a higher Understanding and Joy--until ultimately, negativity will disappear completely.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I have taken the first step. I've created a blog. (Only four posts so far.) I am writing a book (The Great What If...) to explain my Encounter experience from 30 years ago, which at the time was so terrifying, I never spoke of it except to trusted family/friends. This experience has never left me and prodded me to speak through the years. My children are grown, and now the "voice" is louder than ever. It's so loud, that I'm even telling you about it! 🙂

I also intend to create a series of YouTube video discussions within the next few months.

I am a published author of fiction. (8 books on Amazon) Please understand, I am just another  person in the crowd, but I do believe I have a story to tell. One to help awaken the planet. Why else would I have experienced it??

Much love to all.
Kathleen Pickering

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Patricia Mitchell’s Vision

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

I see a world, where elders are honoured, valued, cared for and not alone, where all people reach out to support, care,give love and respect to those who have lived and contributed to our world.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
think it, demonstrate on a daily basis, role a youtube

Rhea Zimmerman Komarek’s Vision

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

People feeling peace, love, health and connection with themselves, with others, and with life itself.  People taking action steps in the direction of their dreams to contribute their loving selves to life.  People understanding that chiropractic is one vehicle to feel this loving connection with their innate power to heal and express, as well as the healing power of love and service.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I will bring my documentary film Love Bomb to life through film festivals, screenings, and releases throughout the year.

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Tim Camp’s Vision

Monday, January 27th, 2014

In considering a direction for my individual self as I understand it, I must consider evolution and what evolution favors. The reason I say this is because I believe if humans can identify what evolution favors, we have the best chance of survival as a species... However, remember "we" is only our simple understanding of the definition of the word "we". Again, I am not a smart man, but a thinker I am, and thinking is what I write. My understanding of evolution is it (as a whole) favors a species that utilizes less energy in order to foster more life and continual growth of physical life as we know it. My thoughts relate directly to energy. The utilization, and consumption of energy specifically. The planet we call home(physically) is an awe inspiring teacher in regards to physical survival. Trees teach us to build more lightweight reinforcing structures. Plants teach us how to synthesize sunlight and turn it into usable energy. This list can go on and on.  These natural things in our world have been here far longer than humans, and they are all teaching us how to survive on this planet.  What I am trying to get at here is beyond just a simple conversation about how we "need" to do certain things to sustain life as we understand it. I agree whole heartedly, we, as a species, have utilized and consumed more energy than was necessary in order to satisfy desires not of this planet, i.e.: televisions, computers, electronics, industry, greed, individuality, sadness, etc. etc. etc. All of these things arose out of consciousness and desire. They are all created by something we barely understand ourselves; individual conscious ability.  When I began to look at things from this perspective I reached a "fork in the road".  If I am to continue my life in a direction that I believe is proper, first I must know what proper is defined by, then I must consider my individual self as it is understood, then I must learn which direction would be most beneficial to our species.  There is one thing I left out, consciousness.  I am hypothesizing that our consciousness is not of this planet, but is from something we cannot yet understand.  I am including in this hypothesis the idea that consciousness is also evolving, however exponentially when compared to other species of this planet.  We are rapidly growing with information and the increase continues to increase daily.  The world wide web has become an extension of our consciousness.  As our conscious ability thrives on the web, our physical aspects remain stagnant, requiring increased energy.  Our bodies are dying, and our minds are expanding.  If you study the collapse of different societies you will see that they most typically statistically fail due to overconsumption of available natural resources.  What amazes me when I think about all of this is the fact that our consciousness almost seems to be transferring into the web, and our bodies are merely the vehicles consciousness currently uses.  My final question that I cannot help but ask, is consciousness bad, or is consciousness all we have as a species?  I believe all living things have a conscious, ours however seem to be focused on individuality, which has already proven to lead to overconsumption of available resources in past societies.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I am not sure there is such a thing as a first step, or even a step for that matter.  I believe consciousness is the essence of consciousness; meaning, consciousness always wants more, and is always in search of "itself".  Consciousness evolves rapidly, because consciousness needs to understand itself.  It is an inward type of perspective on learning.  Here's a first question, not so much a first step; What came first, the consciousness or the desire?

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fiZ’s Vision

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 for all

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I have been using the healing power of music by performing for children of all faiths and ethnicity for some time now. I'm looking for a team of people to help me with so I can help more children. For instance, one idea I have is that every song I write for notesforlife will be 100% for the kids. I recently wrote a song for a girl who wanted to be an actress but only had a few weeks to live, so I wrote a song for her called "Angel on a Stage" to help her with her transition. Her mother made this video for her . I do want to state that I wrote Lord,as that can refer to whatever believe it is that you hold in your heart. I don't belong to any one faith.  One of my ideas is that a song I write like this can be purchased and or donated by them clicking a buy/donate button and all the profits going to help children for whatever cause it is for.

I've always seen "Notes for Life" as a go to hub for small charities that aren't properly supported or funded by the Government.  I would love to share more about my ideas.  I really appreciate your time and consideration.  May your heart always be filled with...

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Nohlan Matthew’s Vision

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

A Global Awakening of Consciousness wherein every individual arrives at an intimate understanding and acceptance of the Divinity that is at the core of their being.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
In addition to assuring my continuing spiritual expansion and thus serving as a positive example, I am actively involved in providing educational and inspirational tools that serve as a catalyst for other's Awakening.

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Knut Alten’s Vision

Friday, November 29th, 2013

In general, the current world lives from its mind in that  most of us believe we are separate from each other and our Source. This belief has resulted in the creation of nations, authorities, conflicts, wars, military, police, money systems, diseases, court systems, competition, etc. These things naturally become redundant with the shift to living from the Heart - the spiritual heart - and unconditional love. At the mental (egoic) level we are all separate, whereas at the spiritual level we are all One. While the mind sees only a finite world, the spirit knows the universe is infinite. Human Beings have not yet successfully married the finite with the infinite. It is hoped that complete transformation of the world will take place prior to the year 2020 which may then offer us a world-wide measure of visual acuity? With Love, Knut

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Write a book! People can read and digest it at their leisure.