Helen Martin’s Vision

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

I am a teacher and counselor (Essence!), so I would love to form groups (pods?) in the area of Central Illinois where I live that will also embrace the human evolutionary story.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
My church (U. U.) has lay presenters during the summer, so I am volunteering to speak of the evolution of the human during an August service.
Also, though I now live outside of Peoria in a retirement village, I am presently looking to move to a condo in the city in order to be more available when needed.  Scary!!!  Age 81!!!

Tia Kelly’s Vision

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

my vision is to tackle all the things I care about by starting with the source of life. Women! if you can help a young girl to realize her self worth touch base with her innate values, spark her passion and vision for her future and give her the confidence and community to take that out into the world then. you've created an aware individual who can't help but keep growing and learning and sharing! and when she does bring another human into the world she do a much better job raising her children in the light.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I'm taking these steps every day by dedicating all of my time to my nonprofit Global sorority. we travel around the globe delivering from the inside out leadership education to groups of young women and then we support them to create a community project as a team. it's transformative and is in direct alignment for my vision of a better world starting with girls.

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Crazy Pat’s Vision

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


I believe that man is not obliged to have money to enjoy working and living well . Free labor and goods, calibrated on the quality of our relationship to the economy and our environment , individual freedom to trade, not to enrich themselves, but to live well together is my vision for the economy man and not man for the economy.

First steps on fulfilling my vision :
The gold standard is the master of the economy because it guarantee funds we need for our citizens and for us to make the earth for our children and the right to flourish by taking up the banking system. Management will be individual and collective use.

Axes decisions will initially turned to the collective acquisition of quality housing and clean to live without fear of the future individual income. That is why we need a site where anyone can register for a donation that will go to 1c billion.

Let us be clear, it is to convert these subscriptions ounces of gold that each hold a personal account ( in proportion to its contribution and it can be resumed at any time) , but that everyone can use to choose by unanimous vote to invest in housing and income of all.

The subscription is scheduled to start at 1c , it is coupled to the number of subscribers and must ride cycles until a critical mass of registered enable failover in a separate scheme of this system .
I'm not quite savvy finance and demographics to determine the rate of increase of the subscription, but it deserves advice and reflection.


Je crois que l'homme n'est pas obligé d'avoir de l'argent pour prendre plaisir à travailler et vivre bien. La gratuité du travail et des biens, étalonnée sur la qualité de notre collaboration à l'économie et à notre environnement, la liberté individuelle de commercer, non pour s'enrichir, mais pour vivre bien ensemble est ma vision d'une économie pour l'homme et non pas l'homme pour l'économie.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
L'or est le maître étalon de l'économie, car il nous faut des fonds de garantie pour nos citoyens Et pour que nous puissions rendre la terre à nos enfants et le droit de s'y épanouir en la reprenant au système bancaire. La gestion sera individuelle et l'utilisation collective.
Les axes de décisions seront d'abord tournés vers l'acquisition collective de logements de qualité et un revenu individuel propre à vivre sans crainte de l'avenir. C'est pourquoi il nous faut un site où chacun peut s'inscrire moyennant une participation qui ira de 1c à des milliards d'euros.
Entendons nous bien, il s'agit de convertir ces souscriptions en onces d'or que chacun détiendra sur un compte personnel (à hauteur de sa contribution et qu'il pourra reprendre à tout moment), mais que tout le monde pourra utiliser pour choisir par vote unanime d'investir  dans le logement et le revenu de tous.
La souscription est prévue pour démarrer à 1c, elle est couplée au nombre d'abonnés et doit monter par cycles jusqu'à ce que la masse critique d'inscrits permette le basculement dans une économie indépendante de ce système.
Je ne suis pas assez calée en finance et en démographie pour établir le rythme d'augmentation de la souscription, mais ça mérite conseils et réflexion.

Sathya’s Vision

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

A non-profit world, where money (infrastructure / governance) is what it is, a value representant. therefore it can teach us about the value of growth in plants and the time it needs, recycling gets promoted and people live in peace, because they don´t compete anymore for money, but make their lives easier through cooperation.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
My first step was that i wrote a book. I didnt know the outcome, just where it had to go. The result is a perfect finance system, beautiful, peace enhancing and all, really all of it. Title is "319". (It´s still only available in german). Now my 2nd step is finding a job, where i can promote this knowledge, a peace foundation that would pay me. I hope You guys can help me!

Anna’s Vision

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I think the many of the structures underlying systems as we know them today-monetary, educational, political, military, prison, healthcare, and medical are far from where they need to be, and they need to start evolving to catch up with the new wave of consciousness that is rising in the world.  The wave of consciousness of nurturing, compassion, transparency, forgiveness, soul, mindfulness, meaning, purpose, health, healing, care, and love.
If you look at the situations in the world that have caused turmoil, devastation, and suffering- they usually involved cruel acts - ones based on greed, fear, dogma, violence, lack, superiority, narrow mindedness, sickness, hate, and lack of recognition of the humanity within each of us.
But we all know that. You are nodding your head- and saying that is the way of the world. Is it? Does it have to be?

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Right now I am just scratching the surface. I signed up and joined this site of like-minded folks, and started a blog and wrote down a few short paragraphs. This is a growing and evolving thing inside of me and it wants to come out so badly, but I don't have the entire blueprint laid out! As I am sure many of you can relate!

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Ivan Klinec’s Vision

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

My vision is the syntropic economic theory. We can rebuild and redesign current economic theories via the paradigm of syntropy. We can change and transform current entropic economic theories to syntropic economic theory. We can change current reactive economic systems to anticipative ewconomic systems. We can understand how the global economy is evolving and also what is our place within the ongoing changes. Conascious change of current economic theory is the change from economic warfare to economic co-operation and co-creation. We can do it now. We have the necessary tools for it in the emerging theory of syntropy. Abundance and peace instead of struggle and poverty can be the aim of activities within emerging syntropic economic theory.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I can share my vision with other people with that can be interested in global change and conscious evolution.

Carolyn Vincent’s Vision

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

My vision is to map every business with a cause. Every business has the ability to have a higher purpose other than making money for its owners and shareholders and when a business aligns all its workings with its higher purpose then... business takes care of itself. It worked for me in my own business . Business moves from surviving to thriving !

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
I am training to be a kickass speaker on conscious business . I have joined toast masters and the National speakers associaition here in Australia. I am also currently working on a workshop that will deliver a step by step guide to running your business on the principles of conscious business. I have started to write a book on the same . I plan to coach at a CEO Level .



Life’s Vision

Friday, October 25th, 2013

To put the source of everything back into/with the individual.
decentralized, private, secure, transparent, anonomous electricity (energy) currency, internet(information), government.....personal/individual ISP.

a public stream of consciousness....
a place to get out every thought into public securely anonymously, without judgment (punishment...a place to see others with like thoughts, to release guilt/shame, to see acceptance of ALL thoughts....a place for like minds to connect and share

the ability to communicate with Jah(God) in the most efficient manner and to be able to give that gift to others in the most efficient way.

to discover, explain, functionalize and apply in all areas of life the creative secret or the process of the universe.

establish a perpetual, autonomous, self-sustaining, exponentially growing, source of income that flows through the individual in a way so that the profits are in complete control and manipulable.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
whatever comes my way and i am asked to work on myself and have fun with the process with no attachment to outcomes.  knowing to the point that it is guaranteed and no thought about it is the sun coming up in the morning.

Alejandro González’s Vision

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Simply let the full force of the Free Market be applied in everything. Any task one would have any government do, the Free Market will necessarily do it at a far better price and quality. Free Market implies no coercion and private property. No one is above no one else. There's the answer, with no foreseeable limit to where humanity can get.

First steps on fulfilling my vision:
Inform people of the Free Market, with a series of presentations and books (translated into spanish for Mexico, where I live). Firstly, "Market for Liberty" by Morris and Linda Tannehill, which is available for free in english at

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Eric Butler’s Vision:

Monday, October 21st, 2013

End Poverty With Literacy

First steps on fulfilling my vision: