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Awaken Us As A Whole

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Awaken Us As A Whole Conscious EvolutionMillions of us are awakening to our participation in the whole, as the planetary body integrates and links up throughout the world. Our electronic media have joined us via global satellite. More recently, the Internet, our refined planetary nervous system, is connecting us as individuals and groups, cross signaling through the system, beyond the confines of time and space.

Let’s imagine that the new function of the Internet is to inform us of what is now working to evolve our world. Let’s assume that the NewNews in all its forms is communicating to us the news of who we are becoming.

Something more is needed to awaken us as a whole – an infusion of life, love, appreciation, and security to comfort us in our time of trial. It is this event that we now envision and that we can in fact bring into being. Remember, everything that rises, converges. The planetary dissipative structure is reaching maximum instability. Everything we do counts, especially in this critical time.

Peace Room – Conscious Evolution

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Peace RoomMy vice-presidential campaign was an early initiative to bring the worldview of conscious evolution into the public arena made manifest through new social innovations and social systems that lead toward a positive and ever-evolving future.

The key to its success was the pragmatic proposal to build the Peace Room. This was a metasocial innovation that could reinforce all innovations and facilitate the social dissipative structure to repattern itself to a higher order of complexity, consciousness, freedom, and capacity.

The Peace Room formed the basis of what organizational development specialist David Cooperrider called an appreciative inquiry,
. . . a process to seek out the best of “what is” to help ignite the collective imagination of “what might be.” Its aim is to generate knowledge that expands the realm of the possible, helping us envision a collectively desired future and carry forth that vision in ways that successfully translate images of possibility into reality.

From Unconscious to Conscious Evolution

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

From Unconscious to Conscious EvolutionIn traditional religious language, we were created in the image of God and are becoming ever more godlike. In evolutionary language, we were created by the process of evolution and are becoming coevolutionary with that process. In cocreation we bring forth two strands — our spiritual essence and our scientific and social capacities — to participate in the creation. When these strands blend, a new human is born: a universal human, a cocreator, a unique and personal expression of the divine.

The most fundamental step on the path of the cocreator is a new spirituality in which we shift our relationship with the creative process from creature to cocreator — from unconscious to conscious evolution. Through resonance with the metapattern that connects us all, we learn to take responsibility for our part in the creation of our own evolution.

Expand Our Consciousness

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Expand Evolutionary PerspectiveFrom the evolutionary perspective, we value any act, intention, or belief that expands our consciousness toward a more unitive, spiritual, loving, whole-centered stage. We favor acts that support the ethics of all our religions to love one another, to “do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves,” and to have reverence for higher dimensions of our own nature, for other species, and for Earth and the cosmos.

Equally, we value acts that lead to greater freedom, both freedom from deficiencies of hunger, poverty, lack of self-esteem, and freedom to realize our untapped potential for self-actualization and chosen life purpose. Freedom without higher consciousness and the compassionate responsibility for others as well as ourselves can become self-centered and destructive. Yet, higher consciousness without freedom to act can become so inner directed that it cuts us off from social involvement, which is vital to the survival of humanity.


Friday, March 21st, 2014


Connecting a sustainable critical mass of cocreators worldwide

The_Shift_011 We are facing a once in a civilization opportunity to create an empathetic world that cares for all, where everyone is free to do and be their best.

The crises we are facing are evolutionary drivers toward this new culture or devolution and destruction.

Driven by both new crises and great opportunities, this empathetic culture is being born now through millions of pioneering souls world wide in every field and region of the world.

While old top down social structures are failing, people everywhere are creating new projects, solutions, innovations, loving actions.

This is the NEW news of what’s working.

But we are not yet connected or communicated.

Social synergy among those already cocreating a positive future is vital to “gentle” the transition to the next stage of evolution.

The Campaign to Accelerate Conscious Evolution (CACE) is forming the first communication and connecting capacity to link cocreators world wide in the greatest movement of wellness, brilliance, kindness, mindfulness, love and creativity the world has ever seen.

Who are cocreators?

  • Those with a heart’s desire for greater meaning and deeper purpose in their own life.
  • Those who feel part of a larger and mysterious whole, a universal process unfolding.
  • Those with an intuitive attraction to contribute to a positive future.
  • Those with a passionate desire to express their unique creativity.
  • Those who feel excited by meeting others with whom they can more fully express their own potential.
  • Those who express resonance, interconnectivity, universal love, kindness and mindfulness.
  • And more….

Are you a cocreator?


  • Send us the New News of what you are creating.
  • Start a local group by joining with other cocreators who share your purpose and passion.



We hold these truths to be self evident

All people are born creative

Endowed by the Process of Creation

With the inalienable right and responsibility

To express our creativity

For the good of ourselves and all life on Earth.

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*Frequency Painting Artwork: The Shift by Teal Scott, Raising Humanities Consciousness

Capacity for Conscious Evolution

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Capacity for CEThe capacity for conscious evolution means that our species has become capable of understanding and resonating with the processes of creation itself. Already we can fathom the miracle of cosmogenesis — the story of the evolution of the cosmos. We can reach into the heart of nature and see the invisible workings of creation — the atom, gene, brain, ecological systems, stars, and galaxies. Spiritually we are attuning to the patterns of evolution within us as we begin to transcend the illusion of separation born out of the phase of self-conscious humanity.

Whether or not there is other life in the universe, our role, if we learn conscious evolution, is to become partners in the process of creation, enhancing life on Earth and bringing Earth’s life into the universe. We rightly stand in awe of the magnificence of cosmogenesis as well as in reverence for ourselves as creatures of this monumental process.

Notice Flashes of Freedom and Keep Bringing Your Attention to Them.

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Flashes of FreedomFrom my book: 52 Codes…Enjoy!  CODE 3

Notice Flashes of Freedom and Keep Bringing Your Attention
to Them.

Evolution creates greater consciousness and freedom through more complex and harmonious order. You are evolving toward higher consciousness and greater freedom in a world that is increasingly becoming more complex. Your flashes of freedom are actually awareness of your coming state of being as a new norm.

Surrender your illusion of separation and join whole-heartedly with the creative intent as it expresses itself personally through your yearning to cocreate and participate in the evolution of self and the world.

The Time of Awakening is Now

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Time for awakening is nowThe social potential movement is the societal expression of conscious evolution. It has been latent throughout history because there has always been a longing in the human heart for a more just, free, loving, and creative society. But it was never before possible to fulfill these aspirations, because we had neither the evolutionary drivers and global crises to force us to change, nor did we have the scientific and technological powers that can free us from the limitations of scarcity, poverty, disease, and ignorance. This is the time of awakening for the social potential movement.

*New News* Accelerating Our Conscious Evolution: A Co-Creative Social Venture

Friday, February 14th, 2014


Accelerating Our Conscious Evolution:

A Co-Creative Social Venture

February 19, 2014

1)    Our Vision:  Humanity is living at its full potential in harmony with all life.

2)   Our Mission:  We are accelerating conscious evolution toward a positive future.

3)   Our Goal is to activate a critical mass within this decade to fulfill our mission.

4)   Our Strategy

a)   Create awareness of what’s working to inform and inspire people that evolution is already occurring in every field of endeavor.

b)   Invite and provide the means for individuals and groups to accelerate their personal and social evolution.

c)    Provide structures for people to connect in resonance around common interests and shared purpose to build a co-creative society.

5)   Our Plan

a)   Build a Global Communication Hub as the primary function of the website.

b)   The Global Communication Hub will:

i)     Develop a frequency field to offer teachings, guidance, practices, insights to cultivate connection with Source from the Process of Creation (such as Heart Math, Emergence, 52 Codes, Quantum thinking) forming resonant cores to hold the field of love throughout the world.

ii)   Invite Social Innovators from every sector of the Wheel of co-creation to identify and communicate through the Hub the people and projects that are now working in health, education, governance, environment, justice etc. and to identify what is working and respond to questions as to the meaning and best use of our new powers that is good.

iii) Discover, map and communicate the new pattern of the whole emerging world, the “planetary ecosystem” now arising everywhere toward a sustainable, compassionate, evolving society.

iv) Form a new PERT Chart for a Social Lunar Landing: mapping innovations and breakthroughs in every field and function, with timelines of initiatives, revealing to all the actual pattern of social/spiritual innovations now moving us toward a world that works for all in which everyone is free to do and be their best.

v) Form a Global Communion of Pioneering Souls to hold the field of resonance, and to form their own local Global Communions and Communication Hubs to connect and deepen community around the world.

vi) Invite the local and global hubs to link with one another to reveal the emerging world already in our midst.

vii) Offer practical guidance in the formation of small groups to infuse their communities and the internet with resonance, heart, and love.

viii) Infuse our Global Brain (our planetary nervous system) with empathy and shared creativity, to shift the consciousness of Earth from fear to love.

ix) Provide a virtual meditation position at the center of the Hub of the Wheel to allow the transcending impulse of creation to flow through and outward from the center.



We hold these truths to be self-evident:

All people are born creative

Endowed by our creator

With the inalienable right and responsibility

To express our creativity

For the good of ourselves and the whole.


The Foundation for Conscious Evolution was founded in 1993 for this purpose and invites all individuals and organizations to join together in this once in a civilization opportunity to manifest a new Social Venture to Accelerate Evolution in time.

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*Frequency Painting Artwork: The Shift by Teal Scott, Raising Humanities Consciousness

Next Design Innovation

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Conscious EvolutionConscious evolution is the next design innovation. It is based on our ability to understand the innovations of the past, such that we can consciously codesign our future, drawing on the knowledge of how nature formed matter, how DNA intelligence works, how photosynthesis occurs, how ecological systems are maintained, and how language and culture affect us. Conscious evolution is a natural extension of the ongoing process of evolutionary innovations leading to greater awareness, freedom, and capacity.

The new worldview already exists in an early stage. There is a large and growing body of knowledge in almost every arena — science, psychology, cosmology, art, literature, philosophy, and business — but there is not a definable field called conscious evolution to coordinate all the separate insights. Our fledgling worldview is still almost invisible, yet it is drawing to it brilliant minds in every field and function who hold the mysterious sense of hope for the future.