Spirit in Action – Zurich, Switzerland
Apr 26 all-day

Spirit in Action – Manifesting Spirituality for ONE World and ONE Humanity

Website: http://spirit-in-action.ch/index.php?id=321&L=1

What do we need to create a new culture for humanity? Which ingredients are necessary for a deep inquiry into what it means to be truly human in this day and age? Who am I? What does co-creation mean? How can I source wisdom and apply it in daily life and make it available for the world at large? How can I live life in a committed and joyful way while truly co-operating with others?

For many years three inspiring and inspired women, Barbara Marx Hubbard (USA), Monica Sharma (India) and Annette Kaiser (Switzerland) have been exploring these questions, each one of them in their own way. They met each other on their journey and are happy to share their unique experiences.

Barbara Marx Hubbard intends to speak about what she calls the “New Story of our Conscious Evolution” and about “Social Empowerment”, which is a blueprint for sustainable societal transformation als well as a model for the craft of transformative leadership. She will also explain her “Wheel of Co-Creation”, a practical tool that furthers the process of social synergy.

Monica Sharma’s focus is on sourcing personal wisdom as a form of commitment in action. She will talk about ways in which we can create alternatives in our everyday work, as well as how to engage in larce-scale initatives.

Annette Kaiser points out the importance of universal spirituality as the base for humanity’s new culture, which is to be rooted in love and co-operation on different levels.

Talks, panel discussions and evolutionary dialogues are all part of this one-day event.

Moderation: Tom Steininger, EnlightenNext

Coordination and organization: Jacqueline Forster-Zigerli, Villa Unspunnen

In co-operation with EnlightenNext.


Quote Barbara Marx Hubbard:

„Mein grösstes Anliegen ist es, dass Menschen sich weltweit lokal und global vernetzen und ihren einzigartigen Teil zum Wandel beitragen. Wir alle sind Schöpferinnen und Schöpfer der neuen Zivilisation.“


..My major wish/concern is that people all over the world may connect locally and globally and that they may offer their unique contribution to the change/shift. We are all creators of a new civilization.”


Quote Annette Kaiser:

„Der Tag in Zürich ist Frauen und Männer gewidmet, die sich der Evolution unseres  Menschseins verbunden und verpflichtet fühlen. Mein Beitrag ist es, die Kraft einer universellen Spiritualität aufzuzeigen und wie diese im Miteinander gelebt werden kann.“

..This day in Zurich is dedicated to women and men who feel committed to the evolution of our  human condition. It is my contribution to point out the power that lies in universal spirituality and how that can be lived with each other/collectively.”


Quote Monica Sharma

„Jeder von uns kann Führung übernehmen, um die Menschheit als Ganzes auf eine neue Basis zu stellen. Ich zeige messbare Methoden, die helfen, die Gesellschaft nachhaltig zu verändern. Seien wir starke Vorbilder!“

..Each one of us can take on the lead in order to provide a new basis for humanity. I will show measurable methods that can help to change society in a way that has a lasting effect. Let’s be powerful examples.”

River’s Edge Retreat – Cleveland OH – June 2-8, 2014 @ River's Edge
Jun 2 – Jun 8 all-day

Retreat: Awakening the Impulse of Conscious Evolution within Ourselves and the World: Entering an Era of the Radically New

Event Website: http://www.riversedgecleveland.com/component/civicrm/?task=civicrm/event/info&reset=1&id=54

Monday, June 2—Sunday, June 8

 There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe. -Teilhard de Chardin

Inspired by the universe story and discovering the New Testament with evolutionary eyes, Barbara will offer a mystical and participatory path toward a new human and the emerging world.

World Future Society July 2014 – Conscious Evolution 2.0 @ Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Jul 11 – Jul 13 all-day

Conscious Evolution 2.0

World Future Society – 2014 Conference July – 11-13, 2014


In this presentation, Dr. Ted Chu—futurist, philosopher, and world-class macroeconomist—will be joined by famed visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard (an original founding board member of The World Future Society) to describe the imminent appearance of the evolutionary successors of humankind.
Barbara has long identified this new species as the coming “co-creator” or “Homo Universalis.” Chu complements and extends her work in his acclaimed new book Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential by pointing to how radical advances in new technologies will eventually lead us toward what he describes as the “Cosmic Being” (or “CoBe”)—which he predicts will result from a collective global project of conscious evolution. They will show how this rapid evolutionary advance toward the new species is (1) partially triggered by world crises that cannot be resolved by doing more of the same, and (2) will be pulled forward by the three factors of new technology, economic necessity, and ideological clarity as these become better understood by our still young and barely self-aware universal species. Going beyond transhumanism toward a new category of synthesis of the highest of human values, Chu and Hubbard will present the new holistic approach to what they call “Conscious Evolution 2.0.”
In particular they will offer the Wheel of Cocreation—a symbol of the synthesis and synergy of humanity’s emerging spiritual social and scientific technological potentials in every field, making visible the invisible—as well as advanced philosophic and economic arguments to explain the new era of evolution and ultrahumanism now arising in our midst.