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Evolutionary Family Reunion- Taos, New Mexico @ El Monte Sagrado Resort
Sep 10 – Sep 16 all-day

Evolutionary Family Reunion in Taos, New Mexico

Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 9:00 AM - Friday, September 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM (MDT)


2016 Evolutionary Family Reunion 

with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Patricia Ellsberg 

An invitation to deepen into Evolutionary Family as a

global movement for the conscious evolution of our world.

Dear Ones,

Those of us who are coded within the Impulse of Evolution who yearn to give more, love more, create more, are members of an emerging humanity on planet Earth.

As the crisis deepens, new possibilities are arising – personally, socially, and scientifically/technologically. Each person who is alive to their essence, purpose and creativity is coded with a unique expression of leadership of the emerging world, precious beyond estimation. Each of our expressions of leadership is written in our deepest aspirations and life purpose.

It is our intention to nurture together our evolutionary impulses to further activate our personal and collective leadership during this Retreat. We will nurture an evolutionary seed community to serve as guides through the shift from devolution toward evolution in our lifetime.

Our vision is that this Family Reunion will form a growing communion among co-creators, who can continue to be together and work together as members of the Conscious Evolution Community now in formation. The first Evolutionary Family Reunion, which took place in Petaluma, at the last student retreat, has been meeting for the past year and has provided for us a model of what is possible.

To foster this purpose, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution is offering a Communion and Community of Pioneering Souls along with courses and shared projects. There is active participation with evolutionaries’ world-wide.

We can, through this Reunion in the gorgeous setting of El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico take a vital step to inaugurate the next stage of our lives together.

Let us found The Evolutionary Family of HUMANITY to serve as guides through the shift from devolution toward conscious evolution.

Let us reach out together toward people everywhere, from every culture, background and faith, those of us who are imbued with the passion to express the Impulse of Evolution within ourselves, to further fulfilling our unique life purposes.


Day One, Saturday September 10th

Morning: Entering the Evolutionary Process Together

  • An overview of the current world condition from the evolutionary perspective.
  • Deep introductions from participants: “This is what the family can count on me for.”
  • Form small groups based on mutual work or attraction.
  • Presentation of key initiatives now growing within our community and within The Foundation for Conscious

Evolution in response to world conditions: either in person or on skype, including:

  • The Foundation for Conscious Evolution – Vision and Strategy
  • The Office for the Future at the United Nations
  • Citizen’s Office for the Future and Peace Rooms – Around the World
  • Pathways to Peace – Avon Mattison
  • Presentation of Key Projects – Joining Genius!
  • Evolutionary Education – Our Vision

Afternoon: The Meaning of Our Crisis and Opportunities

Day Two, Sunday, September 11th

Morning: We are the New Story

  • Evolution from the inside out
  • Leadership Now: Our New Identity as expressions of the Impulse of Evolution
  • Speak, as an expression of the New Story

Afternoon: Conscious Evolution – The New World View of Our Age

  • An in-depth understanding of the meaning and application of Conscious Evolution to inform our own lives as leaders of the Emerging World.
  • Presentation by Barbara, Nina Patrick and Juan Carlos
  • Dialogue on meaning and the application of Conscious Evolution in our own lives

Day Three, Monday, September 12th

Morning: Deepening the Impulse of Evolution in Each of Us: Entering the Heart of the Hub of the Wheel

  • Spiritual Practice: Incarnating the Impulse of Evolution, activating the Evolutionary Chakra Meditation within ourselves.
  • What Will this be Like – Imagining Together
  • Communicating what is Working in the World
  • The “Noosphere” is getting its Collective Eyes
  • Wheel of Co-Creation: Social Synergy – Developing Synergistic Democracy

Afternoon: Entering the Wheel Together

  • Each participant enters the new sacred space at the Heart of the Hub
  • As the “Universe speaking” shares their passion to create and enters in a meditative way the functional sector in the social Wheel they are most drawn to
  • This is what I want most to create
  • This is what I most need to create it that I don’t have yet
  • Those with something to give move forward and indicate what they want to offer something to meet this need
  • Vocational arousal is cultivated
  • Joining genius

Evening: Ecstatic Dance

Day Four, Tuesday, September 13th

Morning: Joining Genius to Co-Create

  • Joining genius. New co-creative groups form. Each person shares what they most want to create and dialogues on how to help each other leading toward the formation of shared initiatives.
  • New Tools and Processes
  • Reporting to the Whole

Afternoon: Imagining the Evolution of Democracy

Day Five, Wednesday, September 14th

Morning: Telerotic Co-Creation

  • 52 Codes: Placing our attention on our Universal Selves, the highest frequency of our being
  • Imagine fulfilling our destiny with the experience we used to attribute to our gods
  • You are being lifted over the quantum field into the quantum plenum where there is instantaneous manifestation of intention
  • You are fulfilling your destiny real time: Sharing from small groups.
  • Giving Birth to the New Human and the New Society as we join genius
  • Becoming “Telerotic” filled with high purpose and juicy love

Afternoon: POD Formation / Activation

Day Six, Thursday September 15th

Morning / Afternoon : Free time to explore Taos with your Evolutionary Family

Evening: For Evolutionary Woman Course Participants: The Emergence of the New Archetype: The Feminine Co-Creator

Day Seven, Friday, September 16th

Morning: Evolutionary Family Circle - Conclude with Final Blessings and Prayers

Depart by Noon

A Beautiful and Transformational Reunion

in a Spectacular Setting

 Join The Evolutionary Family - We Are The New Story!

We will be lodging at the beautiful "El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa"



To book lodging, food and tuition in one easy step contact Joseph Rosado at joseph@evolve.org

Lodging at the El Monte Sagrado: (Special Rates)

We have negotiated a remarkable price for your accommodations at the El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico. The El Monte Sagrado is an award winning beautiful resort!

  • Taos Mountain King Room - $149. Per night + Tax (Normal Price $300.)
  • Taos Mountain Two Queens - $149. Per Night + Tax (Because you have two Queen Beds, you can share this room with a friend or another attendee and split the cost in half @ $74.50 each per night! We can also arrange for another attendee who desires to share the room.
  • Native American Suite w/ pullout sofa - $149. Per Night + Tax
  • Global Suite 2 King Bedrooms - $229. Per Night + Tax
  • Global Suite 2 King Bedrooms with soaking tubs - $249. Per Night + Tax

Meal Plan: (Exclusive for Attendees) 

Full Breakfast – Lunch - Supper - $60. Per Day (A Special Deal considering their Breakfast Ala-Carte runs at about $25.) Pay


$1250 / $1375  Pay Now Through Eventbrite 

How to Book:

We will handle arrangements if you wish. In this way we can streamline the process as well as assure you the accommodation of your choice and include you in the meal plan.

A note from Joseph Rosado : If you Email me your phone number and I will be happy to call you, answer any questions you have and handle arrangements for you. This is best if you are submitting credit card information. Contact me at joseph@evolve.org

Spa Services Available


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