Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary

ConsciousEvo-course-300.250Dearly Beloved Community of Pioneering Souls,

Greetings to you! Thank you for the Sacred Journey you are already on. I am inviting you to join with me and pioneering souls to form one of the most vital communities in the world. It is the Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolutionaries to begin on February 4.

We know that we are living through the exact chaos window between devolution and evolution. The work of pioneering souls now is to further embody the universal human and to "gentle the birth" to the new era.

Each participant in the Sacred Journey will work together toward full embodiment as a universal human, awakening to your vocation of destiny, empowered to cocreate with others a community of pioneering souls for the Shared Planetary Purpose.

This is the most important evolutionary course that I have taught "Post-Birth" and I am truly feeling "new." 2014 is the time now in the new era when we are gaining the traction of our personal and planetary purpose. To register:

This Planetary Purpose, as I see it, is for us to join together with pioneering souls worldwide in the "one project" for interconnectivity and universal love, as suggested by Justin Rosenstein, builder of the ‘Like” button for Facebook and cofounder of ASANA. We need to reach a critical mass of connectivity in the next five years. All members of the Sacred Journey will be invited to participate in this global call whatever you are already doing toward it.

During this hero's journey we will learn to live in what I am calling Deep Time Present. We are all members of Mother Universe, embodying the whole process of creation, becoming cocreative with it...when we are in resonance with each other.

We will be forming ever-deepening circles through meditation and practice of Emergence, Metamorphosis, and Cocreation Circles, eventually becoming evolutionary "pods" to form membranes of increased intelligence around us.

I will be working closely with Patricia Ellsberg and Carolyn Anderson especially to pioneer the frequency of resonance and revelation in the individual and small group work. Our goal in this course as universal humans is to more deeply fulfill our own vocations of destiny and awaken deeper joy in our hearts.

All conscious evolutionaries are needed now. We were born for this purpose. Now the fulfillment of this shift requires your presence in forming this precious community of pioneering souls now.

I love you all and can't wait to be with you again.

With all my love, Barbara

3 Responses to “Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary”

  1. Roxan Beau says:

    I look forward to it.

  2. grimmgreyes says:

    Richest Blessings Great Soul!
    Doing our part, in Glencoe Ontario through With Light Design



  3. Paul Ernst says:

    Hello, this is great, I love to be part of this, as I already am doing my part of getting as much knowledge possible, feel like I have to put my brain on steroids naturally because the data is so much and i can feel my brain cooking from time to time taking in all the information. Still I will continue as it makes my body tingle inside because its so enchanting to be able to finally grow out of this cruelty we have had surrounding us.

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