Next Design Innovation

Conscious EvolutionConscious evolution is the next design innovation. It is based on our ability to understand the innovations of the past, such that we can consciously codesign our future, drawing on the knowledge of how nature formed matter, how DNA intelligence works, how photosynthesis occurs, how ecological systems are maintained, and how language and culture affect us. Conscious evolution is a natural extension of the ongoing process of evolutionary innovations leading to greater awareness, freedom, and capacity.

The new worldview already exists in an early stage. There is a large and growing body of knowledge in almost every arena — science, psychology, cosmology, art, literature, philosophy, and business — but there is not a definable field called conscious evolution to coordinate all the separate insights. Our fledgling worldview is still almost invisible, yet it is drawing to it brilliant minds in every field and function who hold the mysterious sense of hope for the future.

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