*New News* Accelerating Our Conscious Evolution: A Co-Creative Social Venture


Accelerating Our Conscious Evolution:

A Co-Creative Social Venture

February 19, 2014

1)    Our Vision:  Humanity is living at its full potential in harmony with all life.

2)   Our Mission:  We are accelerating conscious evolution toward a positive future.

3)   Our Goal is to activate a critical mass within this decade to fulfill our mission.

4)   Our Strategy

a)   Create awareness of what’s working to inform and inspire people that evolution is already occurring in every field of endeavor.

b)   Invite and provide the means for individuals and groups to accelerate their personal and social evolution.

c)    Provide structures for people to connect in resonance around common interests and shared purpose to build a co-creative society.

5)   Our Plan

a)   Build a Global Communication Hub as the primary function of the evolve.org website.

b)   The Global Communication Hub will:

i)     Develop a frequency field to offer teachings, guidance, practices, insights to cultivate connection with Source from the Process of Creation (such as Heart Math, Emergence, 52 Codes, Quantum thinking) forming resonant cores to hold the field of love throughout the world.

ii)   Invite Social Innovators from every sector of the Wheel of co-creation to identify and communicate through the Hub the people and projects that are now working in health, education, governance, environment, justice etc. and to identify what is working and respond to questions as to the meaning and best use of our new powers that is good.

iii) Discover, map and communicate the new pattern of the whole emerging world, the “planetary ecosystem” now arising everywhere toward a sustainable, compassionate, evolving society.

iv) Form a new PERT Chart for a Social Lunar Landing: mapping innovations and breakthroughs in every field and function, with timelines of initiatives, revealing to all the actual pattern of social/spiritual innovations now moving us toward a world that works for all in which everyone is free to do and be their best.

v) Form a Global Communion of Pioneering Souls to hold the field of resonance, and to form their own local Global Communions and Communication Hubs to connect and deepen community around the world.

vi) Invite the local and global hubs to link with one another to reveal the emerging world already in our midst.

vii) Offer practical guidance in the formation of small groups to infuse their communities and the internet with resonance, heart, and love.

viii) Infuse our Global Brain (our planetary nervous system) with empathy and shared creativity, to shift the consciousness of Earth from fear to love.

ix) Provide a virtual meditation position at the center of the Hub of the Wheel to allow the transcending impulse of creation to flow through and outward from the center.



We hold these truths to be self-evident:

All people are born creative

Endowed by our creator

With the inalienable right and responsibility

To express our creativity

For the good of ourselves and the whole.


The Foundation for Conscious Evolution was founded in 1993 for this purpose and invites all individuals and organizations to join together in this once in a civilization opportunity to manifest a new Social Venture to Accelerate Evolution in time.

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*Frequency Painting Artwork: The Shift by Teal Scott, Raising Humanities Consciousness

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