12 Week Webinar-Evolutionary Testament: The Promise Will Be Kept!

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An Invitation to Embody the Consciousness of the Living Christ

If you are yearning to embody the consciousness of the living Christ in your personal life and in society, immerse yourself with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her colleagues in an unprecedented exploration of Jesus’ promise:

“You will do the works that I did and greater works will you do in the fullness of time.”

This ‘fullness” has now come. We are the first generation with powers of gods to destroy this world or co-create a vastly expanded new world on this Earth and beyond.

Beginning January 6th, Barbara unfolds a 12 week LIVE interactive webinar that offers practical inspiration to actualize the fulfillment of the promise in YOU.

Joining Barbara each week are: Sister Ilia Delio (Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University), Rev. Michal Beckwith (Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center), Neale Donald Walsch (The “Conversations with God” series), Marc Gafni (author of “Your Unique Self” and co-founder with Ken Wilber of The Center for Integral Wisdom), Rev. Paul Smith (Christian mystic, author, and retired Baptist minister, Broadway Church in Kansas City), Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey (Transformational speaker, executive coach, author of “Building Your Field of Dreams”), Kurt Johnson (co-author of “The Coming Interspiritual Age,” scientist, comparative religionist, social activist and former monastic), Doug King (President of Presence International, an Integral Theology think tank revisioning the role of spirituality and sacred narratives for the common good) Ted Chu (chief economist of the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank and philosopher of the "posthuman" future), Rev. Bruce Sanguin (United Church of Canada, author of “The Way of the Wind: The Path and Practice of Evolutionary Christian Mysticism”), Dr. David Richo (psychotherapist, teacher, author of “The Power Of Grace: Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on the Path”), and Stephen Pope (computer scientist, composer, Quaker social activist, and life-long student of the Bible and the historical Jesus).

This webinar calls us to join together for a planetary breakthrough –a “Planetary Pentecost” – an awakening of our personal and collective potential.

“In this field of love and expectation you will all hear in your own language, in your own words, in your own inner voices the mighty works of God that you are to perform. You will be empowered with the powers of a natural Christ. You will be able to heal yourselves, restore the Earth and emancipate the untapped genius of all those who so believe. The media will pulse with light as it reports on the stories of your transformation. This experience will shift the dominant thought pattern on earth from fear to love...”
~ From The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation

Says Sr. Ilio Delio in her latest book, Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness:

“Barbara believes that Jesus provides an example for us of what human beings can become. She states: “All people are born creative, endowed by our Creator with the inalienable right and responsibility to realize our creativity for the good of ourselves and the world.” Like Pope Francis, Barbara Marx Hubbard is a Christic Fractal and is generating new fields of conscious action for a more unified world.”

We hope you will join us on this exceptional transformational journey in the new year and consider “gifting” this opportunity to those who would most benefit.

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Single: $397 includes 12 live interactive sessions
plus access to all archived recordings


GROUPS OF THREE: $347/pp - Savings of $50/pp
GROUPS OF FIVE: $297/pp - Savings of $100/pp


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  1. Ken Elkind says:

    In order to proliferate our species, we ned to initiate our instinctive powers in a way our technlolgy now allows: Creating the global community drum circle. All communities, in all cultures, have in some way enabled gathering to a common beat (or Groove). Tehcnology has enlightened all to the fact that we are one people with many, many commonalities. Our common instinct to create, love, & enjoy music, gives us an immediate methods to communicate globally. IT is believed that when a sufficient amount of people are Grooving, for a sufficient amount of time, miracles will happen. The Groovism thoery believes that it will begin with local, happy coincidences that go unnoticed. As our numbers inrease,these coincidents will grow into minor miracles that begin to get noticed. Eventually, with bilions Grooving, we will initiate some miraclulous happenings!!

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