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12 Week Webinar-Evolutionary Testament: The Promise Will Be Kept!

Posted on December 04, 2015

THE PROMISE WILL BE KEPT: An Invitation to Embody the Consciousness of the Living Christ If you are yearning to embody the consciousness of the living Christ in your personal life and in society, immerse yourself with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her colleagues in an unprecedented exploration of Jesus’ promise: “You will do the works that I did and greater works will you do in the fullness of time.” This ‘fullness” has now come. We are the first generation with powers of gods to destroy this world or co-create a vastly expanded new world on this Earth and beyond. Beginning… Read More

Available NOW! Barbara’s Newest Book! The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation

Posted on October 29, 2015

An Electrifying Interpretation of the New Testament by Barbara Marx Hubbard the Foremost Global Voice for Conscious Evolution “A modern day mystic, Hubbard’s spirit is clearly in touch with the Spirit of Christ. Even so, her feet are firmly planted on Earth while her heart points toward a more beautiful human future.” — REV, PAUL R. SMITH, retired Baptist minister and author of Integral Christianity TO PURCHASE NOW: Paperback (Amazon): Kindle (Amazon): iBooks: (Also available through the iBooks app) .EPUB/.MOBI (Muse Harbor Publishing): San Francisco, CA (November 2, 2015) –– From the renowned author, teacher and… Read More

Wheel of Cocreation – Infrastructure

Posted on October 24, 2015

A vast rebuilding of the failing infrastructure can offer employment and meaningful work to millions. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, and thermal energy provides unlimited sources of power to meet growing needs.

Wheel of Cocreation – Education

Posted on October 23, 2015

We are at the dawn of a new evolutionary educational system. Instead of breaking subjects into separate, unrelated disciplines, evolutionary education takes the holistic overview perspective, sees the process of creation as an unfolding pattern from the origin of creation to the present, and then places each of us in the story as its cocreators as we seek out our vocations, our places within the Wheel of Cocreation. We are learning from what works to evolve ourselves and our world during this period of ultimate crises and amid the requirement that we must change in order to survive. New modes… Read More

Wheel of Cocreation – Science

Posted on October 22, 2015

The great success of reductionist science in its early phases is shifting to include an expanded view of reality itself, suggesting a living universe, or multiverse, in which consciousness is primary. An underlying coherence and “entanglement” exists throughout the entire multiverse, and a vast field of knowledge, known as the Akashic field, is inherent there. Contact with extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings is investigated scientifically and through personal experiences. Join us in Monterrey Mexico, Oct 23-24, 2015, where the Wheel of Cocreation comes alive!

Wheel of Cocreation – Relations

Posted on October 21, 2015

Cocreative relationships exemplify the shift from the domination to the partnership model, from the top-down structures of modern society to a new social architecture. We cultivate synergy and connectivity in all our relationships, from personal to social to planetary. The human potential, transpersonal, integral, psychosynthesis, and positive psychology movements are working toward the maturation of humanity from the kindergarten to the grown-up stage of behavior. The emergence of a deepening spirituality is releasing millions from devotion to an autocratic male God figure toward the embodiment and incarnation of the divine within. Join us in Monterrey Mexico, Oct 23-24, 2015, where… Read More

Wheel of Cocreation – Health

Posted on October 20, 2015

We are becoming aware that our body-minds are a whole system influenced by our thoughts, intentions, states of being, diet, and self-care. We find we are capable of self-healing, and at the same time we are making great strides in our medical technology, improving longevity. With nanotechnology and genetics we may become self-evolving beings. Eventually, as we choose to live beyond the planets in the solar system, we face the possibility of developing a new species, a cosmic species born out of our own yearning to evolve. When the sun expands and destroys all planets in the solar system billions… Read More

Wheel of Cocreation – Spirituality

Posted on October 19, 2015

Spirituality is deepening and diversifying as humanity is maturing. We sense an ever-deepening personal contact with the divine, the embodiment of Spirit, the incarnation of the impulse of evolution. “God” incarnates in us as we become conscious cocreators, merging with the creative process of the universe as a whole. An evolutionary spirituality is arising as we tap into our own higher guidance and our soul’s purpose. The common values decreed by the great religions, such as “love your neighbor as yourself,” are universalized as the next step of human behavior beyond any dogma. Join us in Monterrey Mexico, Oct 23-24,… Read More

Wheel of Cocreation – Justice

Posted on October 18, 2015

Victim-offender reconciliation rehabilitates criminals rather than punishing them. The Restorative Justice movement brings together victims and offenders of a crime for dialogue and reconciliation and reduces the number of repeat offenses. Join us in Monterrey Mexico, Oct 23-24, 2015, where the Wheel of Cocreation comes alive!

Wheel of Cocreation – Arts

Posted on October 17, 2015

Out of the early phases of modern art, which depicted the end of an era and the breakup of our past images of ourselves, new forms of art are arising: multimedia, sound and light, immersive media — simulations that touch the psyche of humanity with new myths, new visions, and new worlds. Join us in Monterrey Mexico, Oct 23-24, 2015, where the Wheel of Cocreation comes alive!